About Us

Welcome to Gauganga Food Products

At Gauganga Dairy, each day begins on a positive note — that at the end of the day, our customers feel healthy and refreshed.  We consistently produce healthy, clean, and nutritious items that meet the highest standards for quality. Our passion to produce safer milk products motivates us to strive for perfection in all our goods.

Commitment to Quality and Exceptional Flavour

Gauganga’s dedication to quality and pursuit of exceptional flavour has made it the chosen brand of milk and milk products among all of our clients. With an emphasis on R&D, we use cutting-edge technologies to produce the most nutritional and vitamin-rich milk products in the dairy industry. Our state-of-the-art, fully automated facility in Nagpur adheres to international standards, ensuring that our products are of the highest quality. We believe that our commitment to excellence and quality is what sets us apart from other dairy companies, and we are proud to be a leading provider of milk and milk products in India..

Reaching every household

Gauganga collects, process, and pasteurize 1 lakh litre of milk daily. We currently have Collection Centers in 3900 villages and plan to expand to 4900 villages over the next two years. In this way, we intend to provide pure and fresh milk to every home and, very soon, every city. Milk is regarded as the most important nutrient in our diet. Milk is always suggested as part of our daily consumption. Gauganga Foods understands the importance of your health and strives to supply you with fresh, vitamin-rich milk.

Constantly Scaling to new boundaries

Gauganga is installing Milk Chilling Centers every 50 kilometres from its Dairy Plant. It rigorously adheres to hygiene standards while processing /pasteurizing its products. Pasteurized Milk, Pure Ghee, SMP & Dairy Whitener, Paneer, Buttermilk, Sweet Lassi, Curd, and other dairy products are part of our product portfolio. Thus, milk and milk products sold under the brand ‘Gauganga’ are of the highest quality and are available to consumers at the most competitive pricing.