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Gauganga A2 Cow Milk

The Perfect Choice for Good Health

We manufacture the best A2 cow milk products recommended by doctors to aid digestion and boost immunity. Explore our range of products and ensure you get the best for your health.

Words of Trust

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Let’s Answer Your Questions

How is Gauganga milk different from others?

Gauganga milk is sourced exclusively from indigenous Indian cows known to produce A2 milk. Unlike conventional milk, which contains the A1 protein, Gauganga milk offers the benefits of A2 protein. It is easier on digestion and has numerous health advantages.

Can I get a sample?

Absolutely! We offer 2 days of free milk supply on your first subscription. With that, you can ensure the quality of the milk delivered to your home. 

What’s wrong with normal (A1) milk?

Normal (A1) milk contains the A1 protein variant which some individuals find difficult to digest. It may also cause discomfort after regular consumption. On the other hand, A2 milk, like Gauganga, contains only the A2 protein variant (Beta-Casein), which is easier to digest and offers various health benefits. On top of that, it is considered to be the best option for infants and growing kids as it encourages stronger muscle and bone development.

 Where does Gauganga milk come from?

Gauganga milk comes from indigenous Indian Gir cows, known for producing A2 milk. Our cows are raised in a healthy and natural environment, ensuring the purity and quality of our milk products. As of right now, nearly 1 lakh litres of milk is pasteurised daily from our collection centres spanning 3900 villages. In the future, we are aiming to increase this number to 4900+ villages so that we can provide our A2 milk in even more cities.

How is Gauganga milk processed and packaged?

Gauganga milk undergoes a strict quality control process throughout the production cycle to ensure the freshness and purity of the milk stay intact. After milking, the milk is swiftly chilled, processed in hygienic conditions, and packaged securely to maintain its freshness and nutritional value. We also conduct various tests such as adulteration and preservative tests to make sure we stay strong to our promise of delivering the purest milk to our customers